Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money

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If just the thought of winter sends chills down your spine, there are some easy things you can do now to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient this winter. These measures will save you money on your utility bills too!

  1. Check the level of insulation in your attic (enter your zip code at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s website to find the proper amount of insulation needed in your area). If it’s low, which most likely it is especially if you live in an older home, add environmentally-friendly insulation like recycled cotton or cellulose insulation.
  2. Cover the inside of your pull-down attic access door with an insulating attic door cover or tent.
  3. Seal any exposed duct work with a duct-sealing foil tape, then cover the ducts with insulation made for that purpose.
  4. Install an Energy Star qualified programmable thermostat to avoid wasting heat.
  5. Use a can of spray foam insulation to seal cracks, gaps, and holes in attic floorboards, basement ceilings, and around chimneys and recessed lighting.
  6. Wrap your hot water heater tank in a water heater blanket if it’s located in unheated space (that is, if your hot water heater isn’t tankless–tankless water heaters are typically much more efficient).
  7. Wrap insulation around the first 5 feet of both the hot water outlet pipe and cold water pipe leading into your hot water heater tank.
  8. Have a pro inspect, clean, and maintain your heating/central air system annually to keep it running efficiently.

Source: CnnMoney

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