Eco-friendly Auto/Travel Club

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If you’re worried about a loved one possibly needing roadside assistance or help with other aspects of travel, a thoughtful holiday gift might be a membership to an auto/travel club. But keep in mind, not all clubs are the same, especially when it comes to environmental issues.

Of course ‘eco-friendly travel’ seems like an oxymoron, but traveling is a fact of life, and we can’t always walk or ride our bicycles to our destinations. So, why not try to minimize the impact our travels have on the planet? Take a peek at my ideas for greener travels here and also consider this regarding auto/travel clubs:

The Traveling Mamas website says it best, ‘Better World Club offers everything that AAA does, without any of your membership fees going to the highway lobby (as with AAA). The Better World Club offers discounts on hybrid rental cars, discounts on eco-travel, and helps fight global warming by offering its members free carbon offsets (when purchasing airline tickets through BWT).’

‘Better World Club donates 1% of its revenue to environmental cleanup, and even offers roadside assistance for bicycles! Triple-A, on the other hand, uses some if its revenue to lobby against mass transit, bike paths, and the Clean Air Act. Now, this makes sense from a business standpoint – the more people in cars, the more people using AAA, right? But since Better World Club offers the same good stuff as AAA, without your money going towards things that actually increase your carbon footprint, BWC is the eco-friendly alternative.’

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  1. MudslideMama on November 25th, 2008 7:55 pm

    I’m glad you like Better World Club too! As you probably know, there are plenty of way to make travel experiences “greener,” without having to give up modern amenities. Our planet will be in better shape if more of us consider the environment while making travel plans.

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