Eco-friendly Slate Roof Series, Part IV

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So far in my series on slate roofing, I’ve covered genuine slate, recycled rubber and plastic ‘slate’, and recycled metal ‘slate’.  The fourth option to achieve a slate look is with authentic clay tiles which are completely recyclable at the end of their long, useful life. Those made by California-based US Tile, called ProSlate clay tile, feature kiln-fired earthen hues created without pigments, paints. or dyes.

Lightweight ProSlate tiles come in 4 natural colors and will not fade or effloresce over time.  These 13″ x 18″ tiles are also Class-A Fire Rated and LEED compliant (a voluntary green building rating program of the U.S. Green Building Council).

This line is rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) due to special properties that enable it to reflect the sun better and dissipate heat more quickly than non-rated roofs. This means a reduction in air conditioning consumption; lower energy costs during peak demands; and a longer-lasting roof underlayment. Rebates are also be available for this roofing system.

For its complete line of authentic clay roofing tile products, US Tile has recently earned the prestigious Cradle to Cradle™ (C2C) Certification for healthy and sustainable product design from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC).

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