Energy Star Power Adapters

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adapter.jpgWe all use them for our MP3 players, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), camcorders, digital cameras, laptops, and cordless and mobile phones…power adapters that consume more power than you might think.  Now, Energy Star has qualified some of these power supplies which are more energy efficient.

Power adapters convert high voltage AC electricity from the wall outlet to the low voltage DC power used to power small electronic devices.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy have recognized that these necessary products consume 300 billion kWh per year and make up 11% of the national electric bill.  So, they’ve set Energy Star guidelines that call for 30% more energy efficiency than conventional models.  Another advantage is that qualified adapters are typically smaller and lighter making transport easier.

Visit to view for more information on finding products that come with Energy Star rated power adapters and save some money on your power bills every time you recharge.

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