Enliven your Backyard with a Pond

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A small pond can have many uses … it can serve as a focal point or a relaxing destination at the end of a meandering path through your yard; it can be a valuable water source for interesting wildlife such as birds, frogs, turtles and other beneficial wildlife; it can contribute to a healthy ecosystem of plants and animals; and it can serve as an educational feature for your children.

Installing a pond can be a do-it-yourself project or be done by professional landscape designers.  Some tips to create a productive pond with a variety of plant and animal habitats include:

  • Make sure your pond gets some sunlight during the day.
  • Add some flat rocks and logs / branches without leaves (oak & cedar are long-lasting) to create ledges for sunning creatures.
  • Keep algae in check by:  adding barley straw, trimming plants growing around the pond so they don’t touch the surface of the water, adding the appropriate type of algae-eating fish (consult a knowledgeable professional), and preventing/removing fallen leaves & debris.
  • Keep mosquitoes in check by keeping the water from becoming stagnant.  Pumps, fountains and waterfalls work well to keep the water moving while creating soothing sounds. Also, trim plants growing around the pond so they don’t touch the surface of the water.
  • Do Not use fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides in or near your pond.

sources:  National Wildlife Federation, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, Mosquitoes.org

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