Even Moving Can Be Green!

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I’m almost a pro at this point of moving the contents of my home every now and again, but I didn’t realize there were more ways to make the move a little easier on the environment.

I usually begin by going through everything I own, and deciding which things I can live without and donate those to a local thrift store. There’s even something called Freecycling, a national online database of sorts, to hook you up with people in your area looking for free stuff. Typically, I come across some old electronics, so I check out the EPA’s eCycling site for places that accept old computers, cell phones and other gear.

A fortunate side effect of moving so often, all those boxes and packing materials are stored in the attic for the next time.  But if you need all that stuff, ask your friends and local grocery stores for empty boxes that can be reused.

After the house is cleared out, you know what’s next…the big cleaning! Natural cleaners do a great job and leave the air free of toxic chemicals.

You can even offset the emissions from the actual travel (from your old place to your new place) by purchasing offset credits!

I’ve found the Green Moving Guide at Care2.com to be helpful. Read the full article here.

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