Floating Cities of the Future?

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Some coastal cities are running out of room inland, while others are losing their land due to rising sea levels.  Innovative architects are conjuring up some fantastical solutions, like Lilypad by Vincent Callebaut (pictured above).  These self-sustaining cities will produce their own energy, utilizing wind turbines, solar panels and water turbines.

Lilypad will house 50,000 refugees of global warming and offer everything a land-locked city can offer–jobs, housing, shopping, recreation–and even its own food supply.

Other self-sufficient cities of the future include:

Boston Arcology by Kevin Schopfer could be home to 15,000 people and even a new city hall, in Boston Harbor.  The project would seek LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council and feature a fresh water recovery system, grey-water recycling, and sky garden heating and cooling vents.

hO2+ scraper by BDA Building Design Art sits mostly under water with sunlight still reaching the upper floors consisting of residential, commercial and recreational facilities.

What amazing creativity!  Will the future be filled with Waterworlds?

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