‘For Dummies’ Books Help Homeowners with Green Improvements

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greenbuilding.jpgThe extensive series of “For Dummies” instructional books has a few titles to help homeowners affordably improve and maintain the value of their homes in a slumping housing market. If you can wait to sell, this may be the time to get your home and garden in tip-top shape.

‘Green Building & Remodeling For Dummies’ is written by Eric Corey Freed, founder of organicARCHITECT and a LEED Accredited Professional.  It is an easy-to-follow guide to identifying and selecting the right green materials, putting together a green team, including architects and financing experts, as well as installing sustainable systems for energy, heating, cooling and water.

‘Solar Power Your Home For Dummies’ by design engineer Rick DeGunther, shows readers how to make solar energy work for them. Whether you’re interested in having a portion of your electricity generated by solar power or would like to have your entire home powered by the sun, this book provides detailed solutions.

‘Green Living For Dummies’ by Yvonne Jeffery, Liz Barclay, Michael Grosvenor is your guide to taking simple steps towards sustainable living.

‘Organic Gardening For Dummies’ by Ann Whitman, of The National Gardening Association teaches us to work with nature, not against it. Design a resilient garden; wipe out weeds without chemical pesticides; combat pests with natural insect predators; buy or make compost and build healthy soil; prevent and control plant diseases naturally; and find good organic suppliers and information sources.

Hate mowing the lawn? ‘Lawn Care For Dummies’ by Lance Walheim of The National Gardening Association addresses how to choose ground covers as a lawn alternative. View the details here.

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