Go Totally Tubular with Solar Skylights!

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solatube.jpgLooking to light up your life, or at least a dark area in your home? Tubular solar skylights might just be what you need to help avoid flipping on the light switch, even on cloudy days. Save energy and save on your electricity bills!

Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development reports: “Like skylights, solar tubes bring natural daylight into interior rooms. Unlike skylights, solar tubes are inexpensive and unlikely to experience problems like rain leaks, heat loss, condensation or overheating, and are relatively easy to retrofit into an existing house.

A solar tube consists of a clear dome that collects sunlight into a highly polished and reflective tube that reflects the light down to a diffuser on the ceiling. The light has a natural quality and is sufficient to light a small room, hallway or staircase. There are various sizes of tubes available for different sizes of rooms.”

There are a few manufacturers of tubular solar skylights, so be sure to look for the Energy Star label for the most energy-efficient product. Some models include kits for: add-on lights for use at night, add-on ventilation for damp areas, and daylight dimmers.

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One Response to “Go Totally Tubular with Solar Skylights!”

  1. Jeff on April 23rd, 2009 11:21 pm

    Tubular Skylights are the future lighting source for homes. Then energy savings alone are a great reason to buy them. I have five installed in my home and couldn’t be happier.

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