Green Building in the Garden State

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I suppose it only seems like all of the land in New Jersey has already been developed, but apparently there is still some open space that needs to occupy new buildings. Growing up in the “Garden State”, I witnessed many parcels of farmland succumbing to the pressures of “progress”. That’s not to say it’s not a beautiful state, with it’s ocean views, mountainous terrain, Piedmont plateaus…you get the idea, but how much more development can the state take, even if it might be green?longstreet-historic-farm.jpg

Recently, a bill was introduced to the state Senate and Assembly to encourage developers to minimize their environmental impact. That’s good news. This Green Building Tax Credit Act will provide a package of tax incentives to those companies that follow the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standards. Considerations must be made for energy and water efficiency; the use, disposal and recycling of building materials; and storm water management. For those that go the extra mile and build beyond LEED’s certification level to its silver, gold or platinum benchmarks, additional incentives will apply.

See a list of proposed requirements here.


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