Green-Built Resort Planned in Bahamas

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star-island-bungalow.jpgA luxurious, self-sufficient, and green community is in the works on a deserted 35-acre island in the Bahamas. Dubbed STAR Island (Sustainable Terrain and Resources), it will consist of a waterfront resort, complete with its very own spa and fitness center, clubhouse, marina, restaurants and gourmet market.

According to, “Solar energy will power the island’s water treatment facility, which processes ocean water into drinking water. To avoid wastefulness, all rainwater will be collected in cisterns and reused. All trash will be recycled and converted into power.” Integrated solar roofs (see my earlier post here) will be an imperative feature to supply power to the resort. The use of solar power doesn’t end there…it will even power golf carts which will be used as the only mode of transportation on the island.

All of those green building efforts are expected to lead to LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. The resort should be completed by late 2009 and fetch between $600 – $1500 a night for lodging.

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