Green Cabinetry, Part II

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It’s certainly getting easier to find cabinetry made with sustainable materials that have less of an impact on the environment than conventional materials.  In Part I of my series about eco-friendly cabinetry, I highlighted the benefits of cabinets made from a rapidly renewable resource–bamboo.

Here, in Part II, FSC-certified cabinetry will be the focus.  FSC indicates the Forest Stewarship Council, a non-profit, third-party organization which verifies that wood products come from well-managed forests.  Not only are FSC-certified cabinets far better for the environment, but they are healthier for your family as well.  The companies who make them typically take care to use low-VOC finishes and urea formaldehyde-free adhesives which means air quality in your home won’t be compromised.

  • California-based company Artistic Freedom Designs creates all of their cabinets from FSC woods and other environmentally-friendly materials.
  • Crystal Cabinets, of Princeton, Minnesota, creates a line of fine custom cabinetry made from FSC-certified woods (pictured here).
  • Green Leaf Cabinetry, of Cleveland, Ohio, specializes in sustainable cabinetry.
  • Portland, Oregon is home to Neil Kelly Cabinets which offers FSC-certified cabinets in Cherry, Maple and Oak, as well as in other sustainably-harvested woods.
  • Terra Cabinets crafts its cabinetry from FSC-certified woods in New Jersey.
  • Young Furniture, based in Bow, New Hampshire, handcrafts unfinished cabinets in maple, poplar and pine.

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