Green Home Featured at International Builders’ Show

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This year’s International Builders Show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and highlights the latest and greatest in the field of construction.  Taking center stage is an innovative, 2,460 sq. ft., sustainable, modular home.  LivingHomes, a developer of sustainably designed, modern, prefabricated homes based in Santa Monica, Calif., partnered with Builder magazine to produce the show home.

By building the home in a factory and then assembling it on-site, the construction process takes place in a controlled environment.  It is safe from the elements and built in a way to minimize waste.  Environmentally-friendly materials were also incorporated to maintain clean indoor air, conserve water, and save energy.

An automatic ventilation system will monitor moisture levels in the bathrooms and activate automatically when needed; a central vacuum system will allow residents to clean up while keeping airborne dust to a minimum; and HVAC mini-duct air distribution and ventilation systems will keep the indoor air fresh.

Paints containing zero harmful VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, were used throughout.  Recycled glass tiles add sparkle to the bathrooms and kitchen. Water-conserving fixtures and Energy Star appliances were incorporated to enhance the home’s efficiency.

The exterior cladding is EcoClad, a biocomposite material made from 50% bamboo and 50% post-consumer recycled paper.

The Builder LivingHome, located at booth #C5288, will be open for free guided tours during the International Builders’ Show now through Friday, January 23.

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