Green Stadium Planned for Dallas Cowboys

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It will be the first of its kind: a new football stadium specifically designed to have a smaller environmental impact during construction and in its daily operations. The Cowboys are applying for the “Performance Track” program offered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Under the program, the proposed facility will have to adhere to an “Environmental Management System”, a set of environmentally-focused policies, processes and practices.

According to an article in the Dallas Business Journal, “Because stadiums consume large quantities of energy and water, there’s a huge potential to reduce that with low-water usage plumbing fixtures, low-energy lighting, and automated lights, heating and air conditioning. The new stadium could also look at recycling the waste from food vendors, reducing storm water runoff in parking lots by using pervious paving and by re-using the resulting water to irrigate a native plant landscape.”

The intended strategies will not only benefit the environment, but also reduce operating and maintenance costs. Just think about the incredible impact a stadium could have if it only provided a means for its patrons to recycle plastic water bottles!

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