Green Your Ride with an Eco-Friendly Auto Club

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Whether you drive a car, RV, motorcycle or bicycle, there may come a time when you need roadside assistance.  Why not support an auto club company that cares about the environment?   They even offer insurance, travel discounts and carbon offsets to help lessen your impact on the earth.  Memberships also make great gifts.

Better World offers home and auto insurance; discounts on rental vehicles (including hybrids and biodiesels), hotels, eco-tours and bicycle tours.  They even donate 1% of all revenues to environmental cleanup projects and consumer advocacy programs.

Curious to learn how much greenhouse gas emissions your vehicle is spewing into the air?  Try their carbon offset calculator.  You can even purchase carbon offsets there too.  Better World says, “Carbon offsets help neutralize the greenhouse gas pollution that is associated with the burning of fossil fuels. When you drive in your car or fly in an airplane, harmful gases (including CO2) are released into the atmosphere. Our Foundation carefully screens and selects offset projects that neutralize these emissions that are directly contributing to global warming pollution.”

Stay up-to-date on environmental happenings, like California’s plan to encourage electric car usage, with BWNews.  Better World also offers an e-Newsletter, “Kicking Asphalt” where you’ll find consumer advice, environmental information, and member discounts and savings.

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