Greenbox Invented to Capture Emissions

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A chemist and two engineers in Wales have spent two years inventing and testing an exhaust collection device that is being dubbed “Greenbox”. It captures 85 – 95% of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions (those that contribute to global climate change) from automobiles. It looks promising, even instilling hope to capture emissions from buildings and heavy industry in the future.

The Greenbox can be mounted in place of a car’s muffler to collect and store the harmful gases, while it emits mostly water vapor. When one refills his or her gas tank, the filled Greenbox could be replaced with an empty one.

From there, it would go to a bio-reactor, where it would be fed to algae (yes, algae!), then crushed to produce a bio oil, which can then be converted into a bio-diesel almost identical to normal diesel.

The process is not energy intensive, but does also produce methane gas and fertilizer, which could be captured separately. Who knows, maybe they’ll put the methane to good use and produce electricity!

Car makers, like Toyota, GM and two unnamed Asian companies, are reportedly interested in the top-secret technology.

Source: Reuters

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