Greening Buildings with Bio-Walls

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An interesting trend in wall finishes is deemed “bio-wall”, where live plants literally cover the vertical surfaces of interior or exterior walls. Not only do these living walls create an aesthetically-pleasing surface, but they help insulate the building, clean the air, and enhance property value. musee-du-quai-branlys-living-wall.jpg

While in Paris last year, I was mesmerized by the Musee du quai Branly’s artful arrangement of lush plantings on its exterior (pictured here). This intriguing design concept can also be admired in Tokyo, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and now in New Orleans.

Developer Josh Bruno has big plans for the two-story strip mall he will be renovating, as well as for a nearby office and retail complex.

The concrete exterior of the strip mall will have a bio-wall installed. These, and other efforts by the developer, are expected to attract an upscale caliber of businesses and clientele to the area. Bruno states, “We have high humidity so the tropical plants will grow, plenty of rain and a clear need for sustainable architecture.”

The green walls seem to be a natural addition to the green building revitalization efforts of the town hit so hard by Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps most importantly, living bio-walls will help reduce air conditioning costs during the long, hot and humid summer months.

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