Greening the Restaurant Industry

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solar-paneled-restaurant-awning-michelle-agins.jpgIf you’re like me, you savor the experience of dining out, but may also feel guilt when the server packages your leftovers in non-recyclable plastic containers. Sometimes, I simply try to finish my entire meal to avoid that unpleasantness, but of course that only leads to the uneasy feeling of being over-stuffed. Thanks to the Green Restaurant Association, more eateries are learning ways to better their environmental impact.

Some popular practices include: cooking with organic and local ingredients; using biodegradable paper take-out containers; increasing recycling efforts; composting scraps; conserving water and energy; using chlorine-free paper products; incorporating earth-friendly building materials and furnishings; and delivering food to patrons via rickshaws and hybrid vehicles. Not only do these efforts clear a restauranteur’s conscience, but some measures even result in financial savings.

Members of the Green Restaurant Association proudly display the seal of approval in their windows.

Source:  The New York Times 

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