Heat Mirror Glass Voted as Best Green Building Product

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Readers of ARCHI-TECH magazine, a trade publication for architects, systems integrators, and technology consultants who are responsible for specifying technology into commercial structures, have cast their votes for the ‘Product of the Year Award’.  The winner in the two categories of ‘Glass & Glazing’ and ‘Sustainable Design’ is Southwall Technology’s insulating Heat Mirror glass.southwall-technologys-heat-mirror-glass-in-boeing-museum-of-flight.jpg

According to an article at Fox Business, “Superior to any low-e insulating glass currently available, Heat Mirror insulating glass contains from one to three lightweight, technologically advanced low emissivity and solar reflective films mounted inside of an insulating glass unit to create multiple insulating cavities. These cavities, when filled with heat-blocking gasses such as Argon or Krypton, save more energy and reduce more CO2 emissions than low-e insulating glass alone and provide a broad range of energy conservation performance to meet the requirements of today’s commercial and residential green building projects.”  Insulating values range from R-6 to R-20.

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