How to Conserve Water while Landscaping

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Now that Spring has arrived, many of you are beginning to make plans for your outdoor spaces.  Through proper planning and maintenance, you can grow a beautiful landscape without it consuming too much water.  This is especially important in dry climates and drought-prone areas.  A sure-fire way to achieve this is with a technique called xeriscaping, or dry-scaping.

Xeriscaping uses seven strategies to create attractive landscaping in a way that makes efficient use of limited water supplies.  For starters, that means incorporating drought-tolerant plants and limiting areas of water-guzzling grass.  The Water, Use it Wisely website is a wealth of information regarding conserving water indoors and out.  The site provides much insight into the seven principles of xeriscaping:  planning & design; soil improvement; practical turf area; efficient irrigation; mulch; low water-use plants; and appropriate maintenance.  Not only will these tips help you conserve the precious resource, but you’ll also save money on your water bills.

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One Response to “How to Conserve Water while Landscaping”

  1. Greg on April 3rd, 2009 8:32 am

    I hate that you show cactus! A lot of folks believe that the only way to get a water-friendly landscape is to make it look like the Mojave Desert! The simple key is to choose native plants – they will thrive where you are with minimal added water. Another key is to stop trying to compare your yard to the local botanical garden. It’s OK for lawns to wilt when it’s 105 outside – that’s what nature intended! PS: try Buffalo Grass!

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