Improve the Efficiency of Radiators

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If you’re lucky enough to have hot water radiators, the most comfortable and least allergen-producing heating system, you may be wondering how to increase their efficiency this winter.  Here are some tips to help save money on your heating bills:

  1. Place a radiant screen, made of reflective insulation, behind the radiator to direct more heat into your room.
  2. Be sure not to block air flow around the radiator with furniture or drapes.
  3. “Bleed” the radiator if the top feels cold and the bottom is warm.  Learn how to do this safely here.  You can purchase an automatic radiator valve that will bleed the radiator for you when needed.
  4. Have your heating system inspected and maintained annually.
  5. Lower the temperature in rooms rarely used if you have a TRV (thermostatic radiator valve) on more modern radiators.  You can retrofit older radiators with TRVs too.
  6. “Balance” your radiators if ones located farther away from the boiler are cooler than ones closer to it.  Learn how to do this yourself here.

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