Is your Landscape Set in Stone?

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Natural stone has a timeless appeal and works well in any size or style of landscape.  Whether you’re adding a terrace or patio, a wall or raised bed, a walkway or driveway, stone adds a sense of permanence and beauty.  Strategically placed boulders featured as a grouping on the lawn or integrated into a retaining wall, adds texture and depth.  Stone can enhance both formal and informal landscape designs.

To minimize the environmental impact of your stonescaping, use locally sourced stone, which has the added benefit of reduced costs that would otherwise be associated with shipping from other states or countries.  Local stone is the most aesthetic choice too, since the colors naturally occur in your region and blend well with the landscape there.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Some stone work can be completed by do-it-yourself homeowners, but other projects require professional landscapers because of their expertise and skill in the design and installation of such heavy materials.
  • Stone materials and their application vary by geographical region. Special considerations, such as freeze-thaw conditions in cooler climates like the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic differ greatly from those in arid areas such as the southwest.
  • Look for professionals active in their local & state nursery and landscape associations who have received training from these organizations.  Education and experience has taught them about the characteristics of various types of stone and their proper applications.

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