Keep Your Gutters Clean and Green

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rain-tube.jpgLooking for a green solution to keep your rain gutters free and clear of debris? I’ve recently come across a low-cost gutter protection system that is not only recyclable, but is made from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE plastic (detergent bottles and milk jugs).

The durable “RainTube” system works with any roof/gutter combination to prevent clogging and overflowing of gutters because once clogged, the water can backup and overflow causing roof leaks, dry-rot, termite infestations, foundation settlement, basement flooding, landscape erosion, and wall and siding damage. Debris left to dry out in gutters creates a fire hazard too.

The system allows rain water to flow through, but keeps debris out, minimizing your time spent climbing ladders for maintenance. It even prevents snow and ice buildup in cold climates. It is also beneficial for harvesting rainwater by reducing the load on filter elements and allowing water to flow unencumbered to the storage container.

The makers of RainTube include a transferable lifetime warranty for their award-winning gutter protection solution.

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