Kitchen Makeover Series: Green Countertops Part III

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alkemi-3.jpgAnother resourceful solid surface countertop, Alkemi, is made from fine flake aluminum milling scrap and polyester resins. “By re-purposing this aluminum scrap which commonly burns up as a heavy smoke pollutant during conventional aluminum recycling, Alkemi leaves no hazardous footprint.”

You really need to see this countertop material to appreciate its stunning and unique appearance. Alkemi’s strong points include: its stain-resistance, its virtually VOC-free nature, and the fact that it does not require surface sealing (except for exposed cut edges). It is available in 12 colors and in slabs sized 36″ x 120″ and 36″ x 96″ and either 1/2″ or 3/4″ thick.

It is suitable for residential and commercial applications and can be applied vertically, as well as horizontally. Fabrication and installation is similar to conventional solid surface materials.

Alkemi can contribute to LEED points and is SCS certified (Scientific Certification Systems). This certification confirms that ALKEMI contains 35% post-industrial scrap by weight. (Certification labs only use weight as the measurement for content). By volume, ALKEMI contains 60% post-industrial scrap.

It is produced in Baltimore, Maryland, by Renewed Materials and is made with metal scrap that is generated by other industries located within the immediate geographic vicinity of its plant.

“Alkemi products can be recycled by Renewed Materials, to be used as filler for opaque Solid Surface Materials. This process is done by granulating, or pulverizing, and is currently used in the production of Alkemi – Opaque collection of products.”

While I like the fact that it cleanly utilizes a waste product, I’d like to see the company avoid petroleum-based polyester in its product.

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