Kitchen Makeover Series: Green Countertops, Part V

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enviromode.jpgHow can the ancient craft of Terrazzo be translated into the 21st century? How about mixing porcelain from pre-consumer sinks, tubs and toilets with an epoxy resin or cementitious binder to create cool countertops and flooring.

The product is called EnviroMode and is available through an innovative company called EnviroGlas located in Texas. They make a variety of products for interior applications and even for exterior landscaping all from recycled glass and porcelain. Of course for this post, I’ll concentrate on the countertop materials.

EnviroSlab durable countertops are made from either EnviroMode, which is made strictly with crushed, recycled porcelain chips and a binder, or from recycled glass and/or porcelain with a color-customizable epoxy resin. The slabs are available in one size: 1″ x 27″ x 84″. It can be cut to size and installed by a local countertop fabricator. Unlike granite, Enviroslabs do not require sealing, yet still have a polished look.

EnvioSlabs made from the glass and resin consist of 75% recycled glass and 25% VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compounds) binder by volume. Available in 22 standard colors, the slabs are heat-, scratch- and stain resistant, and easy to maintain.

EnviroMode applications contribute to LEED points for projects registered with the U.S. Green Building Council. The material is VOC-free; heat-, scratch- and stain resistant; and easy to maintain. It is available in hundreds of resin colors.

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