Let’s Face It, Brick Adds Historical Charm

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Whether you’re restoring an historic home, re-facing your fireplace, or adding a meandering walkway through your backyard, nothing denotes a “classic” look like brick.  Plus, brick is fire-resistant, lasts for centuries, has thermal mass characteristics, and aids in stormwater management in outdoor applications.  Keep it “green” by using antique bricks or bricks made from recycled materials including iron oxides, glass, ceramics, tires, plastic, and even processed sewage wastes! 

Antique brick is reclaimed from old buildings and streets and can be used for residential, landscaping, and commercial projects, such as driveways, walkways, floors, walls, and other stone masonry projects.  It is available in various shades of red, cream and brown, depending upon the type of clay originally used to create the brick.

Recycled-content brick is new brick that is made with recycled materials destined for landfills, from byproducts of existing open pit mining, and from plant refuse.  Several colors are available.

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