Looking to Plants for Energy Solutions

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If you haven’t seen the PBS Nova series, “Making Stuff: …Smarter, Safer, Stronger,…,” then you’re missing out on seeing incredible science making our world a better place.  In the “Making Stuff:  Cleaner” episode, David Pogue provides us with an entertaining look into some of the latest technological advances in creating and storing energy to power our cars, homes and factories.

Pogue visits Nate Lewis, a chemist at the California Institute of Technology who is working on artificial photosynthesis, imitating how plants convert sunlight into energy.  Modeled after the leaves of the Aspen tree, Mr. Lewis’ silicon is 10 times more efficient than plants in capturing, converting and storing the Sun’s energy into chemical fuel.  It’s similar to our existing solar panels, but is less expensive and more durable!

Learn more and watch the episode here or check your local TV listings.

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