Map Shows How Green Austin, Texas Is

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Residents of Austin, Texas are proud of every green stride that’s been made in the quaint town. Now everyone can see for themselves exactly where green building projects are located throughout the city via an interactive green map.ruiz-library-austin-texas.jpg

This utility-sponsored website tool displays the numerous projects that are built to high environmental standards, some of which are even LEED-certified through the U.S. Green Building Council. From strawbale commercial structures to solar powered buildings, the map reveals the name, address and green details about each locale.

On a related note, be sure to celebrate Earth Day by visiting Austin’s Green Living and Home Products Expo on Friday, April 18th until Sunday, the 20th at the convention center. Learn about green building and eco-friendly interiors, energy-efficient products, renewable energies, alternative fuels, organic foods, and natural products.

Source: Austin Energy Green Building

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