Need a Hot Flame in your Life? Eco-friendly Fireplace Logs

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Who doesn’t love a crackling fire on a chilly night?  If you’re tired of chopping wood and lugging it into the house when needed, firelogs may be a better choice for you.  Besides making your fireplace more efficient this winter, as I’ve written about in a previous post, you can heat up your nights in front of the fireplace with a cleaner alternative than cord wood.

  • Pine Mountain offers a variety of fireplace logs, including Java-Log® (made from spent coffee grounds) and Natural Firelogs (which burn cleaner than cordwood and produce less creosote in your chimney).
  • CleanFlame™ recycles wax cardboard produce boxes into ultra-clean burning firelogs and firestarters.  According to their website, “Compared to a seasoned oak log (which is the best firewood), a Cleanflame firelog provides 50 percent more BTUs, and emits 86 percent less creosote, 80 percent less carbon monoxide, and 30 percent less particulate matter.”
  • Even Duraflame now makes their logs from a 100% renewable formula consisting of plants and vegetables combined with recycled sawdust and agricultural materials.

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