New Uses for Old Windows

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If you’re replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient ones, don’t throw them away!   You can donate them to architectural salvage yards or use them for new projects.  I’ve compiled a list of amazing things you can do with them that will add instant character to your home.

Use old windows as:

  • Dividers between interior rooms where a cut-out in the wall exists.  It’ll give you privacy in each space without blocking sunlight that normally passes through the rooms.  If you install hinges on the wall edge, you can open them when desired.
  • New glass door fronts for kitchen or bath cabinetry.  They look great all cleaned up!
  • A window in a faux ruin wall (like the one pictured above) which used left-over bricks to create a garden room.
  • A tabletop sitting atop 4 legs.  To give a finished look, add some trim between the legs just below the window tabletop.
  • A mini greenhouse!
  • Decorative screens when 3 old windows are hinged together.
  • A headboard or wall art.  You can paint something on the glass or attach a scenic print to the backside of the frame (with or without the glass).

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