NYC’s Home to America’s First Eco-friendly and Organic Restaurant

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gusto-restaurant.jpgThe Big Apple has welcomed a new concept in dining out — a USDA certified, 100% organic restaurant that has incorporated many sustainable features such as solar and wind power, recycling and composting programs, water conservation, and biodegradable take-out containers.

The chic restaurant dubbed “Gusto”. located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, opened a few months ago by Alberto Gonzalez. As a native of Argentina, Gonzalez had grown accustomed to fresh foods and delicious meals that energized the soul. He decided to bring this idea to the states coupled with 100% organic ingredients for several reasons. He states:

1) The food they will eat at an organic restaurant is better for the body as it’s free from chemicals, hormones and GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

2) By supporting organic food we are supporting good farming practices. In America there used to be the best farming practices, but by supporting the $3.99 value meal we killed those good ways of farming. We shape the world by what we eat. Supporting organics is supporting the future.

3) We are protecting the environment by eating organic food. Organic farming leads to safer water and soil.

Gusto offers its patrons tasty meals from breakfast and brunch to lunch and dinner seven days a week. Gonzalez plans to open another restaurant in Manhattan before the end of the year.

Source: MSNBC

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