Old Shipping Containers Create New Buildings

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Now this is thinking outside the box! The U.S. imports more than it exports, which leaves thousands of cargo containers here since it’s financially prohibitive to send them back overseas. When its 20-year useful industrial life is over, a heavy-gauge steel shipping container actually still has some life left in it. They can be used to build homes and commercial buildings in virtually any style and will last for generations to come.

These structures stand up to earthquakes well and are fire-resistant, hurricane-resistant (up to 175 mph winds), termite-proof, and affordable, not to mention too cool! Construction time is quick and a finished home costs a reasonable $150 per square foot.

Innovative company SG Block, based in South Carolina, uses these prefabricated steel box trusses to erect new structures. It has completed several homes, military barracks, and even an elder care facility. One of its creations will be on display at next month’s EcoBuild Conference.

photo courtesy of Inhabitat

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