PepsiCo Inc to Make Largest Purchase of RECs

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PepsiCo Inc. is going to purchase enough RECs to offset the electricity usage, 629 million kilowatt-hours, of its U.S. operations. RECs, or Renewable Energy Credits, are certificates that subsidize the development of renewable energy sources, like wind, biomass, small scale hydro-electric, methane gas, and geothermal resources. They are essentially carbon credits to offset CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions.

Other U.S. companies, like Wells Fargo, Whole Foods, The U.S. Air Force, Johnson & Johnson, the EPA, Kohls Corp, L.A. County Sanitation Districts and Starbucks are also top purchasers of green power.

Corporations are not the only ones who can purchase RECs, individuals can too for the home or business. We like Native Energy because while they are fighting global warming, they are helping communities through economic development with sustainable projects.

Source: Reuters

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