Seeking Comfort in the Office Temperature Extremes

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The reality of working in an office atmosphere is that dealing with uncomfortable temperature extremes is often a daily occurrence. The air conditioning works a little too well in the summer and the heat can be stifling in the winter. Now there is a simple solution to adjust the airflow, improve comfort, and save energy used on heating and cooling.

Automated Ceiling Registers, LLC (ACR), the technological leader in ventilation and airflow control, announces the Quick & Easy (TM) Commercial Register System for buildings. The company states, “Airflow is continuously adjustable from zero to a maximum of 225 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and is omni-directional along the ceiling to eliminate direct drafts of air in the workspace. Airflow noise is extremely low even at restricted airflow rates. Exit velocities and air throw distances are greatly improved by the unique air valve design employed in the product.”

The company offers a variety of models, all made in the USA, for easy retrofitting into existing buildings. Similar systems are also available for residential applications.

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  1. Air Zone Cooling & Heating on July 28th, 2013 4:21 pm

    Alternative heating/cooling options for house at lower costs than regular?

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