Shopping for Building Materials?

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door-from-rebuilder-source.jpgLooking for a brand new bathroom fixture or a reclaimed building material? Well, there are more than 1,000 building material re-use stores in the United States and Canada that sell just what you’re searching for.

A great source is the non-profit organization Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA), which has worked diligently to create opportunities for the recovery and reuse of building materials in an environmentally sound and financially sustainable way.

Its extensive directory of stores helps it achieve its goals of: reducing the consumption of new resources; avoiding landfill waste and pollution; creating value-added markets and increasing cost-effectiveness; and expanding job opportunities and workforce development skills.

In a city as vast as New York, for example, thousands of tons of construction and demolition debris are thrown away each year. But there are a few stores whose mission it is to reduce the waste entering our landfills.

A grand opening of one such home improvement store, ReBuilders Source, is planned for Monday, April 28, in the Bronx. It sells building materials donated by demolition or construction contractors, home renovators and other hardware stores with surplus inventory.

Another home improvement store in Queens, the nonprofit Build It Green! NYC, sold about 350 tons of building materials in 2007, according to the program director.

So, the next time you’re looking for a great price on new or used building materials, consider one the many stores listed in the BMRA directory.

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