Solar Power Sheds Light on Rural Village

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The power of solar has brought hope and enlightenment to the poor, rural village of Gudda, India. There are no real roads leading to Gudda, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, but now there is a sense of accomplishment.

A student of Barefoot College, about an hour from Gudda, has brought light to the village for the very first time via solar power. The student’s elders selected him to attend the college, which was established to help India’s rural population learn skills that could change their lives, and indeed it has. One of the benefits of the solar lighting is that local children are able to study or play music past dark now, and that enriches their lives.

Solar power can enrich your life too, by not generating pollution when producing electricity. Here in the United States, we are fortunate enough to have incentives, like tax credits up to $2000 per solar water heating system or photovoltaic system installed between 1/1/06-12/31/08. For more information, visit


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