Stop Flushing So Much Water Down the Drain with Dual Flush Toilets!

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dual-flush-toilet-by-toto.jpgDual flush toilets are great at conserving water. With 2 flush valves, one .8 gallon flush for #1 and a 1.6 gallon flush for #2, these toilets conserve even more water than the standard 1.6 gpf toilets on the market.

They’ve actually been used outside of North America for quite a long time, but as usual we are a little slow to catch on, especially when it comes to eco-friendly strategies for building and furnishing our homes and businesses.

There are a number of manufacturers who offer dual-flush toilets, including Kohler, Sterling (a Kohler Co.), Toto, and Caroma. They haven’t hit the big box home improvement retailers last I checked, but they are available at plumbing supply dealers at reasonable prices. Plus, they’ll save you money on your water bills if you rely on public water supplies, or they’ll reduce the amount of water flowing into your septic system.

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