SUBWAY Franchises Go Green

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Not only has subway removed trans fats from its food offerings, but the restaurant chain has made a commitment to the environment by making changes to its packaging and distribution operations.  It also just opened its first Eco-Store in Kissimmee, Florida, with more in the pipeline.  Energy and water conservation are priorities for the new stores, as well as incorporating more sustainable furnishings and products.  Recycling by its patrons will also be encouraged.  These efforts are even saving money for its franchisees. has the details here.

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One Response to “SUBWAY Franchises Go Green”

  1. TitanGreens on November 28th, 2007 1:24 pm

    A good first step for the sandwich artists at Subway. Now, they just need to get rid of “Jared”. For more on this story and an irreverent take on all the latest eco news — check out Daily Greens on!

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