Surprising Advantages of Natural Swimming Pools

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Tired of the same old generic look that traditional backyard swimming pools offer?  Why not consider something better… Natural swimming pools offer naturalistic beauty and provide your family with a healthier swimming environment.  Plus, they cost less to maintain!

Here’s the full list of advantages:

  1. Construction costs are about the same as traditional pools, but maintenance costs are significantly lower because natural pools don’t need chlorine or other chemicals.  Plus, they don’t require expensive filtering systems (and the electricity to run them).
  2. Pool water is filtered and cleansed naturally through aquatic plants and beneficial microorganisms located in a part of the pool separated from the swimming area.  This “regeneration zone” also provides habitat for native flora and fauna.
  3. It’s not exactly like swimming in a pond or lake where you can’t see the bottom or any creepy crawlies.  The bottom is lined with concrete or a liner, giving you clear visibility.  For more of a natural pond feel, line it with bentonite clay.
  4. An existing conventional pool can be converted to a natural swimming pool.
  5. Many styles are available, from a more pond-like pool to a more traditional look.
  6. Natural pools look lovely in the winter too, plus some can even be used for ice skating!

Tip:  Keep the pool water from getting stagnant and provide oxygen to the plants with a simple water pump or bubbler.

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