Obama’s Green Agenda

The U.S. Green Building Council is counting on President-Elect Obama to follow through with his commitment to sustainability as it is anticipated to stimulate both the economy and the environmental movement. Green building, renewable energy, a smarter electricity infrastructure, and improved public transportation are among key strategies. Business Week has the full story. Image by […]

How to Green Your Garage

Your garage may not seem like an obvious place with the potential to go green, with its storage of chemicals and gas-guzzling automobiles, but the Grist has conjured up a few tips to help lighten your environmental impact.

Greening Your Travels

My previous post about Travel & Leisure magazine’s ‘Top 10 Must-See Green American Landmarks’ made me stop and think about green travel in general. If you’re like me, you feel compelled to reach outside of your own little world and experience what the rest of the planet has to offer. Leisure traveling not only expands […]

Save Gas with iPhone’s greenMeter

The greenMeter is a new iPhone application that computes a vehicle’s real-time fuel consumption, and displays the effects of acceleration, aerodynamic drag, and rolling resistance across the speed range, on easy-to-read graphs. The purpose is to increase a driver’s fuel economy and environmental awareness. Before starting out, Just enter a few key points, like the […]

Water Conservation Via Waterless Car Wash

The concept of a waterless car wash may sound a bit dubious, but there are actually products on the market designed to clean cars without a water-spewing hose. ‘The EPA states that cleaning a vehicle using soap and a water hose, can waste up to 116 gallons of water per car wash. Even an automatic […]

Electric Mini in the Works

I don’t write about cars too often, but the ‘Mini’ is one of my favorites, so I thought I’d include it in today’s posts, especially since an all-electric model is in the making. Of course, an electric vehicle is only truly green if your source of electricity is from clean renewable energy, but the zero-emissions […]

San Jose Gives the Green Light for Electric Car Plant

San Jose’s city council unanimously approved a plan to allow Tesla Motor’s 600,000 sq. ft. electric car manufacturing plant to be built on public land within the city. It fits right into the city’s environmental initiatives aimed at making San Jose “the center for clean-tech innovation”.

Green Workshops for West Virginia Small Businesses

Small businesses in West Virginia can gain valuable insight into green building and energy efficient concepts, as well as biofuels production and renewable energy, at the “Advancing Sustainable Development” workshop series this month in Beckley.

Why Your Car Doesn’t Get 50 MPG

Newsweek has a good article about why automakers are not yet mass producing cars for the United States market that get 50 miles per gallon. It might seem ludicrous to you that there isn’t a mass market right here and now for a 50mpg car. For crying out loud, we’ve entered the age of the […]

Plug In, Drive

The evolution of hybrid cars will be plug-in hybrids. In the coming years (I can’t use the word “soon” because 2010 looks to be the earliest the cars will be available to the general public.), automakers will bring “plug-in technology to the mainstream.” As the name implies, the batteries of plug-in vehicles can be charged […]

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