Save a Million Barrels of Oil Today

It’s estimated that if US drivers slowed down a little, kept their tires inflated to the proper pressure (check your owner’s manual or the information placard attached to the vehicle door edge, door post, glove-box door, or inside of the trunk lid), and reduced their driving by 5%, US oil consumption would drop by 1.3 […]

Kudzu As a Biofuel

EcoGeek has a post about Kudzu’s potential as a biofuel. For anyone that has driven in the Southern US, you’ve seen Kudzu in all it’s “glory”. The vine overruns everything. There is so much of this stuff already everywhere that, if the people smarter than me can solve the negatives, the American south can become […]

Think’s electric cars are coming to America

Think Global is a Norwegian electric car company with plans to start selling its existing models in the United States next year. In 2011, they plan to roll out their next-generation model, the Th!nk OX. The Ox can go up 155 miles on a single charge and the lithium-ion batteries can be charged to 80% […]

Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell car now in production

The Honda FCX Clarity is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity. Only a few dozen will be available for lease and only in Southern California (where they actual have some hydrogen fuel stations). Source: MSNBC

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