Got Mosquitoes? Act Now to Help Save Insect-Eating Bats!

Okay, so mosquitoes might be the last thing on your mind during these bitter winter months, but you know as soon as warmer weather arrives, and you want to get back out in the garden, they’ll be out there with you.  Here are some tips to reduce the future numbers of mosquitoes, stink bugs, and […]

Recycled Granite Pavers Add Luxury to Your Landscape

While I’m not a huge fan of the granite countertop industry because of the environmental effects of mining the ancient stone and the around-the-world customary shipping, they’re obviously very popular in kitchens today. Another issue is the massive amount of waste left over after fabricating the countertops.  Luckily, there are some innovative companies out there […]

Eco-friendly Composite Fence Options

Even fencing in your backyard can be done in a more earth-friendly manner with products composed of recycled materials, such as plastic (typically HDPE) and reclaimed wood fibers.  This combination of materials creates a low-maintenance, durable composite fence that is resistant to cracking, rotting, and insect damage.  Plus, it offers the look of wood, but […]

Oysters Offering Protection from Storm Surges?

It may sound strange, but oysters may provide one line of defense against storm surges along vulnerable coastlines.  Super Storm Sandy reminded us of our mistakes in allowing such extensive storm damage to occur. One major error was filling in “80% of the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary’s freshwater wetlands” so it could be developed with […]

The Ugly Side of Water

It’s the most essential resource we have:  Water.  We all take it for granted.  We turn on the tap and expect clean water to flow out.  But is it really clean?  I recently watched a riveting film about the water infrastructure system here in the United States, and I was flabbergasted! Because the 2 million […]

New Yorkers: Recycle your Christmas Tree at MulchFest 2013!

Want an easy way to transform your Christmas tree into mulch for your very own garden or another garden in the city?  The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, along with the NYC Department of Sanitation and GreeNYC, are offering earth-friendly ways to recycle your holiday tree with convenient options:  Pick-up service, drop-off […]

Water Heaters Should Be The Next Green Initiative

Editor’s note: The following is a guest post by Diane Kuehl.  Diane is a home improvement professional and co-owner of DIY Mother. She lives on her farm in Springfield, Illinois with her husband and two kids. Whether we like it or not, we are all part of the green craze to a certain extent. Our […]

Amazing Tree Transformations

Trees are a great asset for any lawn.  They add value to your home, neighborhood and to the environment.  But what happens if it’s time to take it down for some reason (old age, disease, lightning strike, etc.)?  Why not turn an unfortunate event into into a work of art?! Some artists use tree stumps […]

Reclaim Your Space with Unique Furnishings

If you’re looking to add a special piece of furniture to your home that will add instant character, consider those made with reclaimed wood salvaged from old buildings and barns. Rich with an aged patina that is lacking in new wood furniture, these renewed solid wood furnishings are stable and strong and will likely last […]

Eco-Chic Outdoor Wood Furniture

The rich, warm hues of wood furniture lend a timeless appeal to any outdoor space, but what makes it eco-chic?  It should be beautiful and stylish, but also made of sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood. Unscrupulous logging companies and governments, as well as illegal harvesters, are destroying tropical forests around the globe, leaving behind a […]

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