Reclaimed Lumber for Home Improvement Projects

Whether you need wood for flooring, millwork, furniture, fireplace mantels or exposed beams, you can add instant character to your home by installing reclaimed and restored lumber.  These antique pieces of wood, some species no longer available, are very strong and stable.  This wood is typically sourced from historic buildings, barns, factories and mills. We […]

Top 5 Green Holiday Gifts

When you’re looking to give something more meaningful than a sweatshirt with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer plastered on it, why not bypass the commercialized Christmas and help protect the environment at the same time?  You’ll reduce demand for manufactured goods while doing good! I’ve compiled a list of earth-friendly gifts that won’t end up […]

Today’s Low Flow Toilets Add Style and Water-Efficiency to the Bathroom

Looking for low-flow, but high performance from your toilet?  The stylish high-efficiency toilets on the market now are sure to make your bathroom remodel, or selection of fixtures for a new home, more sustainable. It’s important to conserve water considering we flush about 30% of a household’s potable water down the toilet!  Replacing an old […]

The Wonders of Strawbale Construction

Strawbale construction is beautiful, energy efficient, long-lasting and environmentally-friendly.  Its non-toxic, natural materials are sourced from an agricultural waste product that is typically burned.  By utilizing strawbales as a building material, we can reduce pollution and maintain air quality, indoors and out. If you’re an ambitious do-it-yourself type, you can even build your own strawbale […]

Greener Pastures for Old Books

The following is a guest post by Alexis Bonari Take a look at those old, heavy textbooks on your shelves.  How many trees had to be cut down to produce them? Make sure those resources didn’t go to waste by leaving the books to collect dust on your shelves. Keeping a library of books can […]

The Future is Prefab Eco-Friendly Homes

The following is a guest post by Mariana Ashley, a freelance writer who particularly enjoys writing about online colleges. She loves receiving reader feedback, which can be directed to To some this sounds like old news, to others this sounds like gibberish. What is a prefab eco-friendly home? The term prefab simply means prefabricated. […]

Earth-Friendly Fencing

Whether you’re looking for privacy or just a solution to contain the kids or pets in your yard, there are plenty of low-maintenance, eco-friendly fence options.  Fences made from natural or recycled materials are readily available.  The right fence can even be used to create a zen-like backyard oasis, as shown here.

Beautify Your Garden with Low-Maintenance Plants

If you’re looking for low-maintenance flowers, shrubs and trees that will improve your curb appeal and beautify your backyard, look to native plants.  They’re easy-to-care for and come in many varieties suitable for both sunny and shady locations.  There are many benefits to integrating native plants into your landscape, as they: are naturally adapted to […]

Save Trees and Stop Junk Mail

It has been said by some scientists that the simple deed of planting trees (many, many trees) would significantly reduce the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, that we spew into the air at an alarming rate on a daily basis.  The least we can do is try to save the trees already in existence. The good news is […]

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