Keep Your Garden Growing with a Coldframe!

Your garden may be winding down for the winter, but it doesn’t have to!  A simple cold frame can provide a perfect micro-climate for growing vegetables to extend the garden season.  A cold frame, like the one pictured above, is essentially a bottomless box that sits right on the ground.  It should face south so […]

Keep your Garden Growing Strong with Heirloom Seeds

Want the most delicious and nutritious fresh vegetables and herbs at the lowest price (Heirloom flowers are available as well).  Besides shopping at your local farm stand, growing your own is the next best thing.  I recommend starting your garden with heirloom seeds (there’s hundreds of varieties available), or you may be able to find […]

Surprising Things to Compost

You may have heard the term “black gold,” which refers to a nutrient-rich soil mixture resulting from composting.  If you’re looking for the perfect organic medium to grow flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs and grass in, composting provides the ideal solution.  Plus, you’ll reduce the amount of trash you’re sending to the landfill, and it’s free […]

Manure Converted to Clean Energy?!

It’s true!   North Carolina is not only known for its Carolina blue skies, but also for its humongous hog farms.  Typically all the waste produced by thousands and thousands of hogs fills stinky lagoons, and sometimes overflows onto the surrounding landscape. The hog waste produces methane and ammonia which, thanks to Duke University, Duke Energy […]

Rooftop Gardens: A Growing Trend

Gardening for urban dwellers and businesses is often challenging, but utilizing unused space on the rooftop offers an innovative solution to bring fresh veggies to the table.  Products designed for such purposes, from hydroponic systems to recycled plastic bins, are now more easily accessible.   MSNBC has the full story here.

Fishing for Sustainabilty

The massive demand we place on seafood may not exactly be in the best interest of the fish and other sea creatures we consume, but our seafood selections can also affect our own health, as well as the health of the environment.  The good news is that some seafood is better than others in terms […]

The Green Barbecue

With Memorial Day fast approaching, we are getting ready to enjoy summer picnics and barbecues.  As we commemorate those fallen soldiers on this special holiday, thoughts of how to make the world a better place come to mind.  Are there any ways to enjoy outdoor activities while minimizing our impact on the environment?  There’s actually […]

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day May 9

Fair Trade certification ensures that:  small scale farmers and artisans are paid a fair price for their products; human rights and child labor laws are strictly enforced; and environmental sustainability is a priority.  Special events have been planned around the world to celebrate this sustainable marketplace where you can participate in The World’s Largest Fair […]

Eco-Friendly Non-stick Cookware

With health and environmental concerns over the non-stick coating on conventional pots and pans, you may think your only option is to cook with regular, uncoated metal pans.  In that case, many times, you’ll find the food you cook will stick to, and make a mess in, the pan unless you use a good deal […]

New York’s First Green Winery

Tourist attractions and natural beauty abound in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, and the Red Tail Ridge winery will be no exception.  The construction of a new, high-performance green winery building will be a first for the state of New York. Its owners are committed to sustainable wine-making and harvesting practices and […]

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