Coffee Drinkers Can Make a Difference

Need that cup of Joe to jump start your day? You may not realize it, but if your coffee is not “shade-grown”, you are contributing to a serious environmental problem. Due to the enormous demand for coffee, countless farmers have been clearing the land of rich forests that have been traditionally used to grow coffee […]

10 Easy Steps to a Greener Thanksgiving

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about making your Thanksgiving a bit greener with 7 easy things anyone can do. I thought I’d add a few more helpful tips today… 1. Carpool to your dining destination. 2. With all the household activity and cooking going on to warm up your home, you may […]

7 Easy Steps to a Green Thanksgiving

While we say we are thankful for nature’s bounty and beauty, there are also actions we can take to show our appreciation and reduce our impact on the environment. This year, while celebrating the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, why not follow these easy tips intended to green the occasion?

Composting 101

If you’re looking for a nutrient-rich supplement for your landscape plants, and you’d like to reduce the amount of trash you’re sending to the landfill, composting provides the perfect solution. Nearly a quarter of the solid waste stream ending up in landfills is comprised of yard trimmings and food residuals. Composting begins with yard waste, […]

The Heat of the Sun Really Cooks!

Solar cookers may look a bit funky, but they actually work, and cook food without consuming electricity or any fuels! Perhaps its most ideal use is for humanitarian relief efforts in third-world countries, but they are also perfect for camping, hiking, and picnicking excursions here in parts of the U.S. due to their portability.

Turning Trash into Energy

It’s a fact of life, the 6.7 billion people on this planet produce a lot of garbage. Much of it fills up landfills where the decomposing trash gives off methane and carbon dioxide, the top two greenhouse gases. What if we could harness those gases and use them as a renewable energy resource? Sounds crazy, […]

Easy Ways to An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

It’s becoming much easier to find all kinds of kitchen products that are better for the environment. Organic cotton and hemp/linen dish towels, table linens, aprons, napkins, even pot holders, are found online and in some home and kitchen retail stores.

Dishing Out Eco-Friendly Tableware

I’ve discovered the most beautiful tableware made from recycled glass and can’t wait until I am in need of new dishes! Riverside Design Group, of Pittsburgh, PA creates a variety of glass dinnerware and tabletop accessories from post-industrial/pre-consumer recycled glass. The lovely SeaGlass Collection of platters, plates, and bowls (pictured here) are food-, dishwasher-, and […]

Greening the Restaurant Industry One Kitchen at a Time

From time to time, I come across a news article or blog post about a restaurant going green. Here’s one located in New York City that I wrote about a few months back. It occurred to me, as well as a group of environmentalists out in Colorado that commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, schools, and […]

What’s the Greenest Product of All?

In this age of environmental awareness, many people seek out green products for everything from building materials to home furnishings, but how do we know which products are the best green choices?

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