Loss of Bees is Affecting Our Food Supply

As I sit here in my comfy, old sweats feeling the effects of a miserable cold, I sip green tea with freshly squeezed lemon and local honey. This is leading me to contemplate the plight of the honey bee and how their dwindling population will affect our food supply.

Wal-Mart Goes Local

Wal-Mart states that it has become the largest buyer of locally grown fruits and vegetables. The company plans to buy and resell $400 million worth of produce grown by farmers local to stores within a given state. Locally grown produce at stores in Washington state includes cherries from June to August, tomatoes in August and […]

NYC’s Home to America’s First Eco-friendly and Organic Restaurant

The Big Apple has welcomed a new concept in dining out — a USDA certified, 100% organic restaurant that has incorporated many sustainable features such as solar and wind power, recycling and composting programs, water conservation, and biodegradable take-out containers.

Beyond Organic Farming

Some farmers have moved to vegan organic farming methods. In addition to not using synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, veganic farmers do not use manures or slaughterhouse byproducts. Nor do they use organically approved pesticides. Source: Yahoo

Climate Counts in the Corporate World

Ever wonder if the companies you support with your everyday purchases care about you and the planet? Well, a non-profit organization, Climate Counts, will release its updated scorecard on May 7th regarding how large corporations handle the global warming threat looming over us.

‘For Dummies’ Books Help Homeowners with Green Improvements

The extensive series of “For Dummies” instructional books has a few titles to help homeowners affordably improve and maintain the value of their homes in a slumping housing market. If you can wait to sell, this may be the time to get your home and garden in tip-top shape.

The West is Warming Up

The Western portion of the United States is well-known for its dry climate and water scarcities, but now scientists warn that rising temperatures will impose even more severe drought conditions.

Heifer International Sets Green Example

Arkansas-based hunger relief charity, Heifer International, has begun work on a new, green-built facility.  The center aims to educate the public on world hunger and poverty issues that many times go hand-in-hand with environmental problems.

Greening the Restaurant Industry

If you’re like me, you savor the experience of dining out, but may also feel guilt when the server packages your leftovers in non-recyclable plastic containers. Sometimes, I simply try to finish my entire meal to avoid that unpleasantness, but of course that only leads to the uneasy feeling of being over-stuffed. Thanks to the […]

Green Model Homes

I’ve been looking forward to the day when builders’ model homes showcase environmentally-friendly materials, finishes, and furnishings. That’s exactly what happened in Austin, Texas by a large-scale community developer of sustainable homes. The model home serves as a beautiful example of what measures consumers can have incorporated into their own new homes in the community […]

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