Corn-based Plastics

In a world looking for alternatives to petroleum, an innovative concept invented around 20 years ago, of creating plastic from corn, yes corn, is now catching on. Several manufacturers are already making products like, trash bags, food containers and packaging for consumer goods, from this polylactic acid resin material called PLA. So, what’s so green […]

SUBWAY Franchises Go Green

Not only has subway removed trans fats from its food offerings, but the restaurant chain has made a commitment to the environment by making changes to its packaging and distribution operations.  It also just opened its first Eco-Store in Kissimmee, Florida, with more in the pipeline.  Energy and water conservation are priorities for the new […]

First Grocery Store to Achieve LEED Gold

It just makes sense…a natural foods store that incorporates green building technologies and materials into its construction. The PCC Natural Markets store in Redmond, Washington has 28 skylights to minimize electricity use, uses waste heat from refrigerators for space and water heating, and integrated recycled content materials and low-VOC finishes throughout the store. Even bike […]

The Sustainable Dining Room

It never ceases to amaze me how many household items you can find that are available in more environmentally friendly options. I’ve compiled some resources here from furniture to flooring and drapes to dishes. Shopping for a new dining room table to show off during the upcoming holidays? I found tables and chairs of fine […]

Some Green Efforts Can Go Further

Yesterday, I was enjoying the last of my organic strawberries from Driscoll’s, thinking of how much better they were for me, the workers who picked them, and the environment. Then, when I went to put the plastic container in the recycling bin, I noticed it had a #6 on the bottom, indicating that I couldn’t […]

No Fish for You!

With the vastness of the oceans, it’s hard to believe that seafood may become a thing of the past by the year 2050. This is due to our (the 6.5 billion people worldwide) insatiable craving for it, along with conventionally unsustainable fishing practices. Fortunately, sustainable fishing is becoming more and more prevalent, especially in the […]

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