Nesting Materials For The Birds

While taking a little time to stop and smell the roses this spring, you may notice the intricate handiwork of birds building their nests. It’s amazing what these instinctive architects can create with found materials.  While an ideal environment provides them with the right building materials, we can also lend a helping hand by providing […]

Topiary Gardens Take a Giant Leap

They’re whimsical and imaginative, artful and sculptural…topiary gardens take many shapes and sizes.  The precisely sheared shrubs and trees seem to come to life.  Recently though, topiary gardening has morphed into something even more magical:  Mosaiculture.  These public works of horticultural art, often several stories high, encompass wire frames that act as colossal planters filled […]

Tips for Fall Lawn and Garden Care

Autumn is not only a beautiful time of year, but it’s a perfect time for lawn and garden maintenance.  I am not a fan of lawns, as they require too much time, energy, money and maintenance to keep green and are actually detrimental to the environment (Read my earlier post here).  However, most people do […]

Landscaping that Provides Rest Areas for Migrating Birds & Butterflies

The annual migration of millions of birds and butterflies over thousands of miles is an amazing feat.  Look up, and you might even see it, as it’s happening right now through the fall months across the country!  Creating welcoming habitat on your property, where these incredible creatures can safely rest and find food & shelter […]

Surprising Advantages of Natural Swimming Pools

Tired of the same old generic look that traditional backyard swimming pools offer?  Why not consider something better… Natural swimming pools offer naturalistic beauty and provide your family with a healthier swimming environment.  Plus, they cost less to maintain! Here’s the full list of advantages:

What’s Blooming at the U.S. Botanic Garden

Can’t wait to see the vibrant colors of spring flowers?  Indoor conservatories are certainly a great cure for the winter blues.  Luckily, there are many that are open all year long around the country, but of course you can see visit one of the best in our nation’s capital — FREE of charge! You’ll experience […]

Enliven your Backyard with a Pond

A small pond can have many uses … it can serve as a focal point or a relaxing destination at the end of a meandering path through your yard; it can be a valuable water source for interesting wildlife such as birds, frogs, turtles and other beneficial wildlife; it can contribute to a healthy ecosystem […]

Tour Historic America

One way to reconnect with the past is to take a tour of historic sites, buildings, towns, seasides, trails and natural wonders.  Whether by streetcar, rail, bus, boat or foot, historic tours will enlighten and entertain all ages.  From art and architecture to significant events and figures, history comes alive during self-guided and guided tours. […]

Recycled Rubber Mulch Makes quite an Impact!

Want something cushy underfoot for your garden paths or flower beds?  How about creating a softer place to land under your kids’ swing set?  It’s also ideal for equestrian areas! Recycled rubber mulch is a great option…Not only is it shock-absorbing, but it’s eco-friendly too!  What a great way to re-use the millions of used […]

Win $500 during National Public Gardens Day!

Take the day off work, get out and enjoy nature!  Tomorrow, May 11, many arboretums across the country are open to the public with no admission fee!  Plus, you could win $500 with a photo you take while visiting one of America’s great gardens! Not only will the fresh air and beautiful garden designs inspire […]

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