Free Eco-Festival in California this Summer

Living green is easy and fun and the inaugural Eco-Festival in San Ramon is sure to inspire anyone interested in learning simple and cost-effective ways to go green.  The free two-day event will feature live music, organic food, a kids’ zone, and a fashion show and “vendor village” highlighting the latest in sustainable clothing and […]

Clearing the Air in the Bedroom

A bedroom should be a peaceful place where you can take a few deep breaths and relax.  One fundamental principle of green design is that the air you breathe should be of good quality, especially since indoor air can be more polluted than you might think.  Considering we spend about a third of our lives […]

Go Green This Earth Day, Part II

Happy Earth Day!  Why not do something nice for the planet and for your family?  Here are some easy things anyone can do today and every day (and they won’t cost you a dime!): Pick up litter when you see it.  It is especially important to pick up plastic litter (bags, bottles, caps, etc.) as […]

Bucks County Audubon Society’s Green Seminars

The Bucks County Audubon Society (BCAS), located in the idyllic countryside of New Hope, Pennsylvania, is a non-profit organization founded as a chapter of the National Audubon Society in 1969. Since its inception, BCAS has been dedicated to conserving wildlife, promoting awareness of environmental problems, watching birds, educating the community about the interdependence of humans […]

Celebrate Earth Day by Volunteering

Now that Spring has finally arrived, many of us are likely to spend more time outdoors enjoying nature.  Earth Day, a day to appreciate fresh air, clean water and a healthy environment, is fast approaching.  Now is the time to start planning with friends and family how you’ll celebrate nature on this special day.  Hopefully, […]

What’s Wrong with Bottled Water?

It may be convenient to carry a bottle of water when on the go, but there is a huge impact on the environment that many are not aware of.  For starters, we use millions of barrels of oil and billions of gallons of water every year just to make the plastic water bottles.  Plus, a […]

Why Conserve Water?

Fresh water is a scarce resource, only 1% of the water on this planet is usable.A recent government survey showed at least 36 states are anticipating local, regional, or statewide water shortages by 2013. By using water more efficiently, we can help preserve water supplies for future generations, save money, and protect the environment. We […]

Save Marine Life by Recycling Bottle Caps

Aveda, a natural beauty products company committed to helping the environment and people worldwide since 1978, recently launched its Recycle Caps with Aveda campaign.  Plastic bottle caps are not typically recycled and end up as litter where many find their way into our rivers and oceans.  There, they do not biodegrade, but float on the […]

Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions

Looking to organize and de-clutter your home or workplace and want to do so with environmentally-sensitive materials?  Well, if you’re handy, or can hire a carpenter, one option is to build your own storage solutions from wheatboard, sunflower board, kirei board, formaldehyde-free MDF, reclaimed wood, or FSC-certified wood. For a variety of pre-built storage options, […]

Future Smithsonian Museum to be Green

A competition to select the architectural firm who will design the future National Museum of African American History and Culture is underway.  The winning design will incorporate many “green” features, with energy efficiency topping the list of criteria.  Obtaining LEED certification, through the U.S. Green Building Council, is also a priority.

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