Easy Ways to Recycle Packing Peanuts

Are you finding packing peanuts all over the place after holiday gift-giving?  Of course, it’s always a good time jumping into a heaping pile of packing peanuts, but if you’re looking for more practical solutions, we offer those too.  You can store and reuse them the next time you need to protect the contents of […]

Recycled Sculpture Adds Whimsy to any Garden

Some innovative artists know the value in discarded metal, tools, trampoline frames & springs, bike & automobile parts and everyday items.  They re-purpose such materials and create amazing works of art, some FUNctional, some purely decorative.  These ingenious artists turn their ideas, or your commissions, into unique metal garden art in many styles and sizes.

Top 5 Green Holiday Gifts

When you’re looking to give something more meaningful than a sweatshirt with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer plastered on it, why not bypass the commercialized Christmas and help protect the environment at the same time?  You’ll reduce demand for manufactured goods while doing good! I’ve compiled a list of earth-friendly gifts that won’t end up […]

Decorative Recycled Glass Art

I have been amazed by the array of recycled glass objects (vases, pitchers, wall art, ornaments, home accessories, cheese plates, sculptures, lighting, even jewelry) that look like beautiful pieces of art.  Sometimes the new objects retain the character of the original glass bottles, while other times, the glass has been melted down to reveal completely […]

An Easy New Year’s Resolution: Recycling Your Old Electronics

This post is brought to you by the Electronics TakeBack Coalition. “Did the holidays bring you new gadgets?  Here’s how to recycle your old ones. Electronic gadgets were at the top of many holiday shopping lists again this year, with iPads and Kindles fueling a lot of the buying frenzy. The biggest sellers were e-readers, […]

Top 10 Green Holiday Tips

The weather outside may be frightful, but your holiday habits don’t have to be.  Looking for ways to be more kind to the earth this season?  There are plenty of easy things anyone can do to make their home more efficient and comfortable this winter.  I’ve made a list and checked it twice, and think […]

Green Homes Festival in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri is getting ready for it’s 8th annual green festival featuring a street fair of environmental resources, solar car races, sustainable-living workshops, a green craft show & sale, and an opportunity to paint a metro bus for the Traveling Environmental Mural.  The festival takes place on Saturday, September 26 from 10am-6pm at the […]

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day May 9

Fair Trade certification ensures that:  small scale farmers and artisans are paid a fair price for their products; human rights and child labor laws are strictly enforced; and environmental sustainability is a priority.  Special events have been planned around the world to celebrate this sustainable marketplace where you can participate in The World’s Largest Fair […]

Old Bicycle Parts Live on as New Household Goods

Ever stop to think about what happens to bicycles once they’ve outlived their usefulness?  Hopefully, they’re not headed to the landfill.  Some innovative entrepreneurs have found a cool, creative outlet using discarded bike parts.  Not only does this keep these materials out of landfills, but it also saves energy and resources when creating “new” items. […]

Waterless Car Wash Works Wonders Again

Here’s a post that I did in the early fall, but I thought I’d re-post it with some additional information.  A few days ago, we had a reprieve from the on-going 20-something degree temperatures, and I was able to spend some time outside again in 50 degree weather.  How glorious!  This time, I wondered how […]

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